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There are a lot of marketing and design experts out there but how many truly have the experience to live up to their sales pitches? We do. With our many years of brand positioning, strategic planning and creative direction expertise, we not only know what we are doing, we also do it with excellent customer service because we care about your business like it's our own. (And yes, we're also available to “fix” marketing and design misadventures and website emergencies caused by those other experts.)

& Design

For the past few years research gurus and bloggers have been debating, how many marketing messages we see in a day. Regardless of whom you believe it’s a lot and most messaging is triggered by some level of visual impact. Knowing that impact will influence potential brand involvement and resonance, we go beyond creating something beautiful, funny, interesting, charming or intriguing and put our talent into what’s visually smart. And yes, it may also be beautiful, funny, interesting, charming or intriguing.

Brand Style Guides
Business Presentation Templates
Logos, Brand and Corporate Identity
Web Design
Newsletters/Email templates
Sales Sheets and brochures
Collateral – everything from brochures and signs to labels and more
Package Design


Technology continues to evolve and allows for an array of new and exciting marketing opportunities in the digital world. We stay on top of it and share what we know with every client. You don’t have to know how or why it works but we do and we’re very proud of that knowledge. When we create any digital component we consider all aspects that will enhance the life of the tool as well as the reach and message impact.

Programming and Coding
Web Design, Blogs, Ecommerce – both custom coded and templated
E-Newsletters & E-Mail Blasts
Social Media
Blog Creation and Posting


Like people, every brand has a personality. And we inject the brand’s unique personality into everything we write. Yep, the message is critical but so is how it’s delivered. As important to what you're "selling" is what you "stand for" and this is a key element of your brand's personality in today's world. We ask a lot of questions because we want to get to know the brand like we know our best friend. We’re speaking for the brand so what we say and how we say it must absolutely, positively be right…and we take that responsibility very seriously.

Brand Identity
Web Content
Package Design
Blog Posting
E-Mail Blasts

Account Service

We take a big picture business building approach to everything we do so we ask a lot of strategic questions. What you want and how you want it is as important to us as it is to you. Of course we’ll have research discussions, financial discussions and even revision discussions. And we’ll probably talk about where you went to dinner last night, if your child won the big game, when you’re moving into your new house and the important stuff that’s called “life”. Heck … after you work with us for a bit you may find that you have some new “real” friends. Our relationships have grown with every assignment and we cherish each and every one of them.

Brand Positioning or Re-positioning
Strategic Planning
Project Management


Every job needs to be produced before it becomes real and it’s not something most clients think about beyond the quality and cost. The reality is clients don’t need to think about it but we do. We know the best way, the most cost effective way and the smartest way to get things done. And…you never pay a commission on production costs with us. Now how many ad agencies say that?

Quality Control
Cost Control
Photography Supervision and Video Art Direction


What you’re saying is important but if nobody sees or hears it then it’s a waste of money. Have you been running print ads in the same publications for years and wonder if there are better options? Are you curious about the best way to place banner ads? Will running an ad on local radio enhance your business? If you’re wondering about any of these issues then just ask us. We’ll be happy to talk to you about your goals and determine what’s right for your brand and your budget. We’ll also negotiate the best deal available. And another bonus? We don’t commission media costs either.

Direct Response